It begins with the dirt.

The ground we walk upon is the foundation of our vision. But what happens next—the planning, the site selection, the construction, the building, the finished product—is critical and defines the ultimate success of a project. Choosing the best team, of course, is paramount—and enlisting the right players to see the vision through.

We have the science of commercial development down to an art.

There’s no short-cut to quality. No back door to success. It comes down to hard work: boots-on-the-ground experience, and a certain knack for giving each project "that little bit extra” that make it stand out. The SCIENCE is the same. We count the same roofs. We look at the same demographics, traffic count and flow data available to everyone else. What we do with that data and information to make each and every project uniquely exceptional is the ART. That comes from twenty-plus years in commercial property development. Knowing the difference between what works and what doesn’t—combined with a passion and drive that is contagious to everyone involved—creates a fully realized vision that endures.

It comes down to people—individuals coming together, sharing a common vision, working in sync to achieve that magical mix of experience, expertise and energy. That’s where the battle is won—in those personal, accountable relationships that determine the final outcome. That’s what makes all the difference. And it’s what Fox Commercial has hung its hat on for two decades…and counting. Let’s get started!


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